51. Praise Report

I’m forever grateful for our haven, ‘Tearmann’ 🙏🏽
Over 1-2 years He heard our prayers and then when the timing was right, graciously answered every single teeny tiny and notion filled request, right down to the type of shower for the en suite🚿 (Don’t even ask about the previous one). And when I say requests, I mean we sat down and write a list. A list with no limitations – we didn’t want to limit our God. A list we prayed through in faith. Despite the increasingly worse housing crisis, despite our requests appearing seemingly out of reach – if we were looking at them from a worldly standpoint. But God is bigger than that. Way bigger than that.

Above all, we wanted a peaceful haven/sanctuary to come home to. Peace is so crucial to us. Somewhere we could really envision raising a family and making a forever home 👨‍👩‍👧 Somewhere that would easily facilitate our hobbies and interests.

He listened, and not only did He listen, but he poured out His blessings on us – abundantly and far more than we could have imagined. He is so good to us.

Every night the sky is a different kind of beautiful, every day the birds flit about and sing to each other, every once in a while a rabbit bounds across (and more often than not, is laid outside the door with a proud cat sitting beside it’s kill 🙈)

Someone wise said recently, to enjoy it… not to second guess the reasons behind the blessing, and the potential of His glory in this place. I know there is a plan, but we are to just enjoy it, continue to bless Him and be obedient to Him and in His perfect timing, His will will come to pass. So, that is what we are doing. Soaking in every bit of this blessing beyond blessings and forever grateful that He listens and loves so well ✝️

Life is not always easy, but it is so important to give thanks and report the blessings and the Lord’s goodness. Unfortunately He is blamed too much for the evil in this world when He is only full of goodness and is only love.

Love, Abbie x


  1. Dear Abbe

    Greetings thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us. They are a blessing. I’m replying because I’m sure you wonder sometimes “Does anyone ever read them?”

    God bless Ken

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