47. His Gift to Me

‘Oh, how I love your dancing, wondering heart

A daffodil in a garden of roses, I have set you apart

Vibrant and bright in colour, you brighten up the day

When the clouds are thunderous, you shine joy in their way

My special little treasure, a song inside my heart

I love you just as much now, as I loved you from the start

Kindness, hope and love are the weapons that you wear

With every prayer watered in compassion and with care

Loyal, faithful servant, my daughter and my friend

We have a work to do, with many gardens to attend

Watering the thirsty and plucking out the weeds

Digging up lies and planting new seeds

Turn your eye to heaven, look up beyond the sky

Don’t get distracted by the many questions “why”?

Like a breeze that’s blowing, be forever free

‘Cause even amongst the crowds, it’s always you and me… ‘

This poem was written for me by a friend who writes prophetic poetry. It spoke to me so deeply due to its hugely personal nature (which I discuss in full in 11. The Personalised Gift). I came across it again recently, as well as a poem she wrote for my husband years before we met. Seeing the course our path has taken so far, I can now see how they interlink and intertwine. Over time, more will be revealed to us.

Then the Lord answered me and said: ” Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” ‘ Habakkuk 2:2

This blog is a short and sweet one. More indulgent for the writer but hopefully encouraging in some way to the reader. It is a reminder of my identity in Christ and of His love for me, as I enter into 2022. It is a reminder that He truly sees me. He knows my heart, and he loves me – no, adores and delights in me – as I am. He created me to be me. And I am the apple of His eye.

Read this poem and see the Father’s character – an embodiment of love for His daughter. Know that He loves you this fully and intimately also.

Wishing you a blessed and fruitful 2022, full of peace, joy, and abundance of blessings. I pray you seek your Heavenly Father to a greater depth than ever before and that you see His mighty hand at work in all that you do, steering you and guiding you through the highlights, the lowlights, and all the daily goings on in between.

I pray you are filled with gifts of wisdom and spiritual discernment for every situation you encounter, and that in all things you draw on the Lord’s strength and power through prayer. Be filled with humility and servitude. All glory to Him.


Abbie x

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