44. Birthday Blog of Gratitude for the Best Brian

See this man? This is a man who has just turned THIRTY!!!🥳 To me, this picture really showcases his loving character. Brian is always writing kind words about me and I tend to save mine for the cards. But today of all days, I’m going to shout from the rooftops about my darling and dedicate a blog specially for him!

Brian is a man who is incredibly wise beyond his years (don’t let his mad moments and shenanigans fool you… It’s all a ruse!;)) He is a man who loves unconditionally and is one of the only people I can truly be myself around, a man who loves with his whole being. When I say ‘love’, I mean he actively loves. He makes the choice to love day in, day out, regardless of how he may be feeling in that moment. Because this is a man who  has an old fashioned soul. You know the kind where people say wistfully, “They don’t make them like that anymore…” Well, they do.

He loves with devotion, with kindness, and actively – as in ‘demonstrates love in action’, not through empty words. I’m a ‘words of affirmation’ kind of girl. But I run a mile from false/empty words or flattery. I’m interested in the follow through, the ‘action’ part. Brian has that in bucket loads. He makes sure I always know he loves me, even going so far as to increase his efforts to make sure I’m absolutely certain, on the days he sees I feel less loveable. This is a man who takes pride in being utterly devoted and commited to being the best, most loyal, caring, thoughtful, and hardworking husband and father one could be.

He is frequently moved by elderly couples and looks upon them with great admiration, seeking earnestly to carve out a love that will see us tottering along holding hands (and holding each other up!) in our later years, with all the excitement and adventures of life leading like a long road behind us. I love this about him as in a world of instant gratification, this quality can be hard to come by. Brian is drawn like a magnet to examples of long lasting love that stand the test of time. A romantic in the truest sense, not a wishy washy Rom-Com sense, this is a man who can’t be anything but genuine and anything but intentional and devoted. It is intrinsically who he is.

He is full of honour and integrity. He has great insight into understanding people and why they do the things they do or make the decisions they make. He is full of fun, adventure, mischief, and tomfoolery – perhaps the qualities people think of first when they think of Brian! He loves to try to make me despair at his antics, always with a cheeky glint in his eye. What people don’t see is that he’s not the only mischievous one in the relationship… but I’m not going to let all my secrets out!

Behind it all, there is a depth that makes him steady as a rock and an incredible leader. He leads our family with humility, grace, and a confidence that comes from knowing he is walking in his purpose. He takes charge of decisions that serve to only strengthen our bond and is a fierce protector of our union. He pushes me forward and holds me to a high standard, encouraging me to reach the fullest of my potential, as I know he will do for our children. He serves to help tear down any lies from the devil or any misperceptions from the world, by always speaking and affirming truths to my heart. He is the steady leader and solid rock that wraps us tightly together, ensuring that we are a strong cord of three strands.

This is a man with generosity oozing out of him. The incredible amount of good he does for others, in a variety of ways, he hides behind closed doors and seeks no attention for it. I am certain there are times and ways I am unaware of how he is helping and supporting someone, giving of himself, giving sage advice and counsel, etc., due to his humility. He is a support to so many, but does so privately and quietly. He makes people feel  special, listened to, cared for, loved. When he sees someone who is genuinely trying to make their life better in some way, someone with honest values, he is there to stand alongside them and help them in any way he can.

When he himself suffers, he also does it behind closed doors. When he goes through pain, he does so privately at home, and then continues to walk forward in love and strength, giving of himself above and beyond. Self-sacrificial, for the sake of others. Yet also self-respecting; he knows when to stand upright and be firm. A man of peace, but strength of self, always having a clear vision of the bigger picture and outcome of greater good.

Brian is humble in his servitude and kind beyond all measure. His strength comes from the Lord and his steadfast faith is reflected in his absolute commitment to go after every challenge through prayer. He could be forgiven for having doubts in his faith, particularly due to experiencing grief and heavy disappointment. And yet, he has remained steadfast and clung to the love of Jesus. He has managed the impossible – accepting the unacceptable, without having all the answers, whilst still trusting and believing the love his Heavenly Father has for him. I am amazed by his strength of mind, strength of character and strength of faith through the ultimate trial.

Brian is the first person to tell me straight when I need to focus on Jesus more rather than the waves around me. He lovingly scolds me when I’m not praying enough, when I need to read my Bible more, when I need to do something that will be of benefit to me spiritually or emotionally – like writing a blog or writing in my journal. He lovingly steers me to be a better me, and I cherish this a lot.

He is an encourager, my steady support, my greatest cheerleader, helping me practically, being my equal, the ultimate teammate, proofreading my blogs, keeping me on my toes being a mischievous rascal every day, making me laugh until I cry, singing loudly and tunelessly with me – I think we’ll start a terrible band sometime for the craic, making me feel needed and wanted, being silly with me – I honestly don’t know which of us is weirder, and that’s a whole lot of weird.

He is an Ideas Man – he brims with creativity of thought, being able to think outside the box, look beyond the obvious and see ways of doing things that are outside of the norm. This intelligence coupled with infectious affability and light-heartedness is extremely charming. I’m often filled with pride listening to him express his mind and fresh ideas on things. I respect his intelligence so much and love discussing and teasing out thoughts and ideas with him. He teaches me a lot.

Most importantly, this man reflects how God intended a husband to be – like Jesus as a bridegroom for the church. My greatest prayer was to marry someone who would be the spiritual leader of our home, the loving head of the household, reflecting Jesus in his character. Brian does this like he was born to do it. But I know however natural and effortless he makes it look, an attitude and capability like that comes from a determination and very conscious decision to approach every situation, big and small, with a Christian mindset and with love. A characteristic like that comes from steady devotion and self discipline to do as Jesus would do, not necessarily as Brian may feel like doing. He is not driven by emotion, he is driven by commitment to demonstrating Godly love and devotion.

I love you darling. My meandering journey to find you, only serves to make me appreciate even more that God truly blessed me beyond all measure by putting you in my life. You surpass all of expectations of the kind of man I dreamt of having as a husband.

Happy 30th birthday!

Never forget, I see you – I see your daily commitment and every effort you put in. I see your devotion. I see your love. I see how gifted you are in every area of your life. I see your skills and I see your capabilities. I see your heart. And I’m so grateful to be your devoted wife.

Love always,
Your Abbie xx


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