Hello! Hi! Welcome!

Faith in action has definitely been an up-and-down-and-all-around journey for me, characterized by strength, weakness, hope, discouragement, assurance, doubt, and everything in between.

Having built a substantial amount of personal writings through years of journal-ing, I thought it was time I made public some of those thoughts. Particularly those thoughts on faith. (My earlier writings on boys, dramas, and boarding school shenanigans can stay firmly under lock and key!)

At the end of it all, ultimately I aim to be consistently rooted in faith. My faith in God is my assurance, hope, and foundation. It underpins all things. The faith that God is a good, good Father. That His grace will always carry me through. My reliance is on faith in Him, and Him alone.

This blog will detail my past, present and future thoughts and musings as I continue to travel through my personal faith journey. Some of these may take the form of a letter or a prayer… as I sometimes journal in this format.

I encourage any comments or thoughts as I am always open to learning more and continuing to grow in faith!

Abbie x